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Rebecca Burn-Callander is a freelance journalist specialising in writing about small businesses and entrepreneurs. Former enterprise editor of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, she was previously associate editor at Real Business Magazine and web editor at Management Today.

Her work has also been published in: The Guardian, The Times, The Week, Real Deals, the Soho House Magazine, Accounting Technician, IP Review, Legal Strategy Review, and Professional Manager Rebecca provides commentary for TV and radio, appearing on BBC Radio 4, Share Radio, Sky News, Channel 4.

She also speaks regularly at small business events across the country, including the Telegraph’s annual conference, The Festival of Business.

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Sound Advice is your one-stop shop to make your small business financially successful – in year one and beyond. Whatever you want to know, we will tackle it with a super line-up of entrepreneurial stars. They will share not only how they did it, but how you can do it, too.
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  • Sky News
  • The Telegraph
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  • The Guardian
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Rebecca is author of The Daily Telegraph Guide to Investing, published by Kogan Page, which is aimed at both complete beginners and more seasoned investors. The book currently boasts a five-star rating on Amazon.

She is currently working on her second book: The Daily Telegraph Guide to Brexit for Business.

Smith & Williamson named Rebecca in its Power 100 ranking for her work championing entrepreneurs. She is one of the top 100 journalists to follow on Twitter, according to Enterprise Nation and Gorkana. Her work on the Coffee Versus Gangs project, which helps young people in Honduras escape gang violence, has also received multiple media awards. She was shortlisted by Santander Financial Media Awards for SME Journalist of the Year.

Notable interviewees include: Sir Richard Branson, Prince Charles, Arianna Huffington, James Dyson, Heston Blumethal, John Vincent, Lord Young, Sir Martin Sorrell, Lord Sugar, Lord Maude, Vince Cable, Boris Johnson, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Dame Mary Perkins, Brent Hoberman, Martha Lane Fox, Mary Portas, Doug Richard, Ed Wray, Charles Dunstone, Kathryn Parsons, Michelle Mone, Gerard Basset, Theo Paphitis, Kanya King, Lily Allen, Simon Woodroffe, Saul Klein, James Caan, Julie Deane, Richard Reed, Charlie Mullins and many more.

Rebecca is available for freelance commissions for:

  • Financial news
  • Business and technology features
  • Profiles
  • Industry reports and whitepapers
  • Corporate copywriting
  • Ghostwriting for CEOs
  • Magazine editing
  • Panel hosting and speaking gigs
  • TV and radio commentary
  • Editorial consultancy


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You know you’re old when, for you, Elsa will forever be the sexy Nazi from The Last Crusade.

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Bex Burn-Callander (@sparky000)

Here’s a story for you. Someone has stolen the copper gas pipes from outside my son’s nursery in Lewisham, causing a massive gas leak. What kind of swine endangers children’s lives for a few pennies? 😱

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Bex Burn-Callander (@sparky000)

Just a quick one to say that I know I’ve been rather quiet recently - I’ve been on maternity leave. But I’m back at my proverbial desk in January. So don’t forget me, Twitter. I’ll be needing your wisdom/quotes/humour soon!

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Bex Burn-Callander (@sparky000)

RT @IanMCalvert: Have to say @sparky000’s #SoundAdvice podcast with @iamwilliamking is one of the best to date @sageuk have delivered - Wil…

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